All Electric Everything

Electric sawing, excavating and concrete breaking & removal at Kikkoman Foods headquarters (Walworth, WI). Our electric equipment allows us to work in sensitive areas, including food factories/facilities.

Contractor: Bane-Nelson Inc.

Soft Demolition

“Waking The Sleeping Giant” – The beginning phase of restoring a 92 year old historic hotel located in downtown Green Bay, WI. A complete soft demolition and cleanup job on all 8 floors of hotel using the Brokk 100 and electric Sherpa.

Contractor: KPH

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Concrete & Steel Staircase Removal

Using the Brokk 400 to do a full demo and removal of a concrete and steel staircase at the Steinhafels Furniture distribution center expansion (Waukesha, WI). 1 robot, 2 men and completed in only 2 days. Interstate Sawing – Not your average concrete cutter!

Contractor: Iconica

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Staircase Removal

Robotic Concrete Wall Removal

Robotic Concrete Wall Removal at Froedtert Community Memorial Hospital – Menomonee Falls, WI.

A 1′ x 2′ opening was created using ring and chain saws (piece weighing in at 300lbs). An additional 4′ x 8′ opening was created using the wall saw. This section was cut into 4 – 2′ x 4′ pieces for easier removal with the Husqvarna DXR310 robot. (Each piece weighing in at 1200 lbs). Wall was 12″ thick poured concrete. Traditional method for removal uses chain falls, an unsafe practice which increases risk on the job. Our electric Robots allow for a more controlled removal, getting the job done faster and safer.

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Robotic Concrete Wall Removal

Old McDonald Had a Farm

Platform selective demolition job on an old 80ft concrete silo. The silo stood next to an active farm house, therefore debris and rubble had to be demolished without damaging the building. Majority of the rubble was imploded to the inside of the silo preventing any large pieces from falling onto the existing farm house.

Contractor: Wanasek

Kohl’s Elevator Shaft

Interstate Sawing takes over Kohls Corporate for the beginning phase of installing a brand new elevator system. What goes up must come down- A 6.5ft deep pit was electric excavated at the base and full floor openings were created on all 8 levels. Low noise, no fumes, no mess. Can your average concrete cutter do a job like this?

Double Trouble Demolition

Getting the job done faster and safer.

The Power of Two – Our Brokk 260 & 400 teaming together for an indoor demolition – Madison, WI. Our Electric powered robots allow for a faster turnaround on jobs with minimal risk and manual labor.

Contractor: Sullivan designBUILD