• silo demo thumbnail

    Silo Demolition

    Ever wonder how to take down a old Silo? Interstate Sawing is here to show you how it's done! Check out our precise Robotic Demolition process to safely and quickly remove a silo. This silo was ONLY 2 ft. away from a barn! No Problem for Interstate Sawing-- The silo was removed in less than 8 hours with NO damage to the barn! Read More
  • Robotic Drilling at Ol Red in Nashville

    Check out some of the work done at Blake Shelton's new bar coming to town, Ol Red. Interstate Sawing teamed up with Tiny Demolition (out of Nashville) to remove the bedrock for 3 incoming Elevator Shafts. Read More
  • plunger thumbnail

    Mall Of America

    Check out our most recent job where we removed 30,000 Sq. Ft. of Concrete out of the movie theatre at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN. Read More
  • concrete-grinding-thumbnail

    Concrete Grinding- Trip Hazard Removal

    Interstate Sawing can quickly remove a trip hazard in any residential or commercial area! Contact us to learn what else we can do with concrete grinding and scarifying! Read More
  • core-hole-thumbnail

    85″ Core Hole!

    When someone needs a perfect hole cut 85" in diameter.. they know who to call. There's only one company who can pull off it off! INTERSTATE SAWING loves a challenge, an 85" bit for coring doesn't exist.. so we fabricated it ourselves! - couldn't have asked for a better result! Read More
  • arkansas-thumbnail

    Demolition of Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas

    Interstate Sawing traveled from Wisconsin to Little Rock, Arkansas for a couple weeks to drill openings for dynamite to be placed to blow up the Broadway Bridge! Read More
  • rock-drill-thumbnail

    Practice Makes Perfect

    Today we took the Brokk 260 with the Rock Drill out to Slinger Speedway to simulate the angle the robot will be at on The Broadway Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas! Read More
  • duke-o-matic-thumbnail


    Observe how fast and easy a concrete removal job and be using Interstate Sawing's invention.. The Duke-O-Matic! Read More
  • Crane thumbnail

    Mini Crane Hard At Work

    Check out our latest video from Hotel Northland in Green Bay Wi using a Brokk Robot and our newest piece of Equipment the Maeda Mini Crane! Read More
  • brokk bank vault -thumbnail

    Breaking The Bank

    Check out one of our latest jobs in LaCrosse, Wisconsin taking down a huge vault from an old bank using the Delamination process. Read More