Many demolition projects will greatly benefit from concrete-cutting services. And there are some demolition projects that absolutely require the skills and equipment of concrete-cutting specialists. Some of these may be more obvious, such as building demolition, and some may not immediately come to mind, such as the demolition projects we discuss in this blog. Keep reading to learn about three specific projects that call for the expertise of professionals in concrete cutting systems.  

Bridge Demolition

As you may know, the American highway system is aging. This has led to an increased need for highway bridge demolition as roads require expansions and replacements. Bridge demolition is a project that absolutely requires concrete-cutting professionals and specialized tools for safety and efficiency. It is important to have a variety of options available for the removal process, including hydraulic breaking, dismantling, and explosives. These options allow us to choose the best route depending on the bridge’s construction, measurements, and location. 

Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s robotic demolition services feature remote-controlled robots, which grant us access to areas that would otherwise be off-limits. For example, they can fit into tight and hazardous areas that the construction crew cannot. Additionally, these robots offer a fume-free and low-noise solution for residential areas. On the other hand, our hydraulic splitting option allows us to demolish ground support structures, a key consideration when taking down a bridge. 

Bank vault demolition is a very specific demolition project that also needs concreting-cutting expertise to be conducted properly. Removing a bank vault can be quite dangerous and should employ specialized rigging equipment that can handle the vault dimensions and weight. This equipment includes Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s concrete cutting tools. Our tools and techniques are also less damaging to the environment than non-specialized companies can offer. 

Concrete-cutting professionals can also complete this task more efficiently and without producing excess noise in the process. They will not waste time or resources nor create excess debris because they are trained in the most efficient and up-to-date processes.  

Mezzanine Demolition

Another demolition project that requires concrete cutting specialists and their tools are mezzanine removal. Mezzanines are in-between floors that are built into open vertical areas of buildings. They are a wonderful option for expanding usable space inside a building. However, they often need to be removed as they are frequently installed as “semi-permanent” additions. 

To remove a concrete mezzanine, concrete professionals cut the mezzanine in various spots in order to break it up. Demolition robots then lift the separate pieces away from the structure, one at a time. Then, the concrete pieces are crumbled for easy disposal. With our advanced technological offerings, Interstate Sawing & Demolition is able to complete this work safely and efficiently, producing minimal dust and debris. 

We Are Your Concrete Cutting Specialists For Demolition Projects 

As you can see, there are a variety of demolition projects that may involve concrete-cutting specialists. Don’t make the mistake of thinking just any concrete or demolition company can take on your enterprise. If it involves concrete cutting, turn to the concrete cutting professionals at Interstate Sawing & Demolition. We offer a variety of concrete-cutting services that employ our specialized, state-of-the-art equipment.