Concrete cutting is highly valuable for a variety of projects and has a rich history in the world of professional concrete development. Concrete cutting as a profession is not going anywhere as the demand for concrete cutting is on the rise in 2022 due in part to aging houses and buildings in need of repair and demolition often requiring concrete manipulation. But, there are a few other things worth knowing about professional concrete cutting, particularly if you are thinking of hiring a concrete cutting company for an upcoming project. Read on to learn about 3 crucial aspects of the concrete cutting profession.

Professional Concrete Cutting Is Used For Many Projects

Concrete cutting is a fairly broad category of services that can tackle a wide range of projects. Interstate Sawing & Demolitions’ concrete cutting services include concrete core drilling, wall services, slab & road sawing, spec curb cutting, wire sawing, concrete grinding/scarifying, and hydraulic chain & ring sawing. With these options, we can take on projects in residential homes, commercial spaces, outdoor infrastructure, and other settings, all while practicing the utmost safety and care for surrounding structures and environments.

Professional Concrete Cutting Requires The Right Equipment

Interstate Sawing & Demolition offers the best concrete cutting services around in large part because of our extensive equipment selection. We can handle a variety of project types, from indoor to outdoor, delicate to demolition. We can handle everything from airport tarmacs to roads and bridges to pool decks. For example, our electric saws allow us to take on projects while minimizing the mess and disruption usually caused by concrete cutting. These electric saws, which we use for the majority of our concrete cutting projects, boast superior strength, precision sharp blades, and hydraulic support. This up-to-date technology makes the cutting process simple and clean.

This access to a large equipment inventory also allows for Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s crew to be agile when encountering the unexpected during a job. For example, if our crew discovers that a concrete wall is blocking an area and also needs to be removed, we can turn to our wall sawing equipment to complete that job, rather than needing to bring in another crew.

Professional Concrete Cutting Requires Concrete Expertise

Pairing Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s advanced equipment with our outstanding experience and skillset makes for the best professional concrete cutting crew you will find anywhere.

Our crew has over 25 years of professional concrete cutting experience and has continued to prioritize staying up-to-date on the latest advancements and best practices in the industry. One way we demonstrate this knowledge and commitment is throughout our CSDA certification, which indicates that we are a top-of-the-line concrete contracting company that is widely recognized in the industry.

Additionally, our experience is quite extensive, ranging from smaller projects to challenging undertakings that involve concrete scanning technology. We have made a point of diversifying our experience and project types so we are prepared for virtually any concrete cutting and demolition project we encounter.

The Takeaway: The expertise you look for in a concrete cutting contractor should involve a tested skillset, certification in the industry, and experience with a wide range of concrete projects. Read our blog on “How To Choose The Right Concrete Cutting Company” for more insights on determining the right professional concrete company for your project.

Interstate Sawing & Demolition Is Your Concrete Cutting Service

At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we are happy to discuss our concrete expertise with you and answer your questions about professional concrete cutting. If you have a project you think might require a professional concrete cutting service, do not hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our expertise.