Change is the only constant in the construction and demolition industry. Contractors, workers, and project managers are continually pushing for safer, more productive solutions. Updates have transformed the modern job site from an over-reliance on manual labor to a streamlined operation dominated by machines and robotics. 

Relying solely on manual labor is an unsustainable practice: successful contractors bolster their experienced crews with machines that increase efficiency in many areas. This mechanization has helped to improve not only worker safety and productivity but also overall cost-effectiveness. 

When it comes to demolition, remote-controlled robotic demolition crews pave the way for improved practices in industries such as processing, concrete cutting, mining, tunneling, and more. Robotics has been changing the workplace for decades now, and it will continue to replace the back-breaking work of operating pneumatic and electric hammers by hand. 

Discover 4 of the major advantages of Hiring A Robotic Demolition Crew

1. Safety

One of the most important benefits of using a robotic demolition crew is that it greatly increases safety. Throughout the construction and demolition industry, increased safety should be important as productivity benefits. The robots are operated with wireless remote controls which allow the human operator to remain at a safe distance. Vitally, the robotic equipment helps to save wear and tear on human bodies which reduces the risk of injury and workers compensation cases. 

In addition, remote-controlled robotic demolition equipment allows a physical distance from harmful silica dust, as well as the strong vibrations of handheld equipment. Long-term use of common demolition tools is linked to chronic injuries, such as carpal tunnel, nerve damage, and hand-arm vibration syndrome. These health concerns affect a large number of construction and demolition workers and could be greatly reduced by utilizing robotic demolition crews for unsafe tasks. 

Most importantly, robotic demolition machines help prevent falls, the cause of thousands of serious work-related injuries and deaths every year. A remote-controlled robot allows operators to stay a safe distance from ledges and other fall hazards. This also ensures critical safety upgrades for workers and also increases productivity by minimizing the need for constructing and erecting fall protections. This leads to the next benefit of Hiring A Robotic Demolition Crew: Greater Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness.

2. Greater Productivity and Cost-Effective 

For contractors using remote-controlled robotics, these safety benefits add significant savings on workman’s comp and insurance premiums. Remote operation combined with smaller crew size can also be cost-effective by limiting personnel for hazardous operations, while simultaneously increasing productivity. 

Robotic demolition crews can greatly increase efficiency by employing powerful machines in applications previously limited to large crews with handheld equipment. With minimal labor requirements, you can better utilize employees across job sites while increasing productivity and lowering overall labor costs. In addition to allowing for smaller crews, remote-controlled robotic demolition machines do the job of several machines, meaning contractors complete the work twice as fast. Along with reduced labor and parts costs, companies can gain a significant advantage in a competitive market by choosing robotic demolition

3. Portability and Easier to Operate 

Compact robotic demolition equipment can access the most restrictive job sites, such as those with dust, vibration, noise restrictions, and low floor loads. The most compact units fit through standard doorways and are light enough to be transported on passenger elevators. Demolition robots deliver immense power, as much as excavators 3x their size. 

Another boon to the worksite is that these remote-controlled robotic demolition machines are operator-friendly. These robots mostly run on hydraulic or electric power sources, so they don’t produce as many (if any) fumes during operation. Because they are safer to operate, it can often be easier to train workers to operate the robotic demolition equipment. 

4. Growth Potential for Your Company

For each of the reasons listed above, your company stands to profit by utilizing robotic demolition crews. Safer conditions, greater productivity, and efficiency, along with the opportunity to learn new skills and advancements are all crucial aspects to keeping staff happy, healthy, and on the job. In addition, Mechanizing with robotic demolition crews provides significant growth potential and the increased productivity opens up opportunities for consecutive projects and to expand into new markets and applications. 

Whether it is efficiency, safety, productivity, or quality of deconstruction work you are looking for, robotic demolition crews can help your company quickly adapt to changes in labor, process, or regulation, keeping them ahead of the competition. 

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