When it comes to the destruction and removal of concrete, there are several ways to get the job done. Having your crew handle it or hiring someone from a construction company that does not specialize in proper concrete demolition can be expensive, unhelpful, and even dangerous. Here are a couple of benefits of hiring a professional concrete cutting company to handle your next construction job!

The Right Concrete Cutting Equipment

Not all concrete is the same, which means that not every concrete cutting job is going to be the same. Having the right machinery and tools increases efficiency and job site safety. Interstate Sawing is proud of our custom core drilling bits that are capable of demolishing portions of industrial-scale concrete walls while still maintaining the integrity of the rest of the structure. Having this kind of high-end equipment and our state-of-the-art robotic demolition machinery, allows us to be more flexible in these types of demolition jobs, making us a great asset to use for your project. 

If you do not hire a professional demolition company that specializes in concrete cutting, there is a high probability that they will not have the right drill bits, cutting equipment, and robotic demolition tools to get the job done effectively and safely. When dealing with large, expensive, and potentially dangerous projects, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Having a professional and experienced crew with the right equipment will benefit all parties involved.

Safety Of The Crew & Others 

While working on a concrete demolition project, everyone wants the job to be done correctly and efficiently, but it should also be done safely. When you hire a concrete construction company like Interstate Sawing, you will have peace of mind knowing that our large array of equipment not only includes a variety of custom core drilling bits, but also a catalog of Brokk demolition robots. This allows us to approach each job more safely and analytically. 

Concrete cutting companies that have specialty robotic demolition equipment can provide the extra safety of not having their crew go into enclosed spaces to work where there may be harmful fumes being emitted. These fumes can be dangerous to both the crews, and people in the surrounding areas. Taking these extra safety steps allows our crew to work more confidently and efficiently, knowing that they will be safe. This also will be a benefit to you know the same information. 

Disturbance To The Surrounding Areas

Concrete-cutting construction projects tend to be a loud process. It can be even louder when it is not done with the right tools and machinery. Construction projects can already be a nuisance to those around in the surrounding area when they lead to blocked off roads, diverted traffic, and loud noises. A non-specialized concrete cutting company won’t have the right tools such as specific saws, hammers, and training to remedy some of the factors

For your next concrete cutting construction job, you are going to want to hire a specialized concrete cutting company because, with the right tools and process, the demolition job can be done much quieter and faster. A professional concrete cutting contractor provides the benefit of being able to finish the project faster than a non-specialized crew, which will end up causing less of a disturbance to surrounding businesses and people. They will be appreciative of the reduced noise pollution.

Better For The Environment

Another benefit of hiring a professional concrete cutting company for your next demolition job is that you will know that the experts will be using techniques that are less harmful to the environment than if a non-specialized construction company was doing the work. 

In the process of cutting concrete, debris and other harmful particles are released into the air. The pollution from these demolition projects can cause major issues for people with certain allergies, or if they already have trouble breathing, can heighten the problem. Professional concrete cutting companies know the right demolition techniques and have the right tools for limiting the amount of debris and pollution that are emitted to the area during a project. With different types of blades and different ways of cutting, you know that the people and the surrounding areas will be in better shape during and after a project. 

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