Bridge Demolition

Interstate Sawing & Demolition has the experience, skill and technologies for efficient and safe bridge demolition. When a bridge needs replacement or is no longer used in a particular area, it is important that it be properly demolished for increased safety and, in some cases, the vital freeing-up of areas for new infrastructuring. But a bridge demolition can be a daunting undertaking that many companies are not equipped to handle. At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we understand what it takes to safely demolish a bridge and we have a variety of options for doing so. 

What is Bridge Demolition

There are many bridges that have reached the end of their lifespans, are crumbling or are otherwise presenting safety hazards to the public. Of course, there are also bridges that require demolishing to make way for other installations or simply newer, upgraded bridges to take their place. Bridge demolition should occur in any of these situations. In fact, bridge demolition is considered one of the most technically advanced and challenging demolition projects because of the opportunity for critical mishaps and endangerment of crew and the nearby public. So, it is incredibly important to choose experts who have the knowledge and experience to approach this task with care and safety.

How We Demolish a Bridge

There are a few different ways to demolish a concrete bridge, including explosives, hydraulic breakers and dismantling. Depending on where the bridge is located and what it is under or above it, one or more of these processes will usually be employed. Whatever the case may be, Interstate Sawing & Demolition has the right method and approach to handle this type of demolition in a plethora of settings. We feature a variety of demolition techniques, choosing the best option based on the project specifications and requirements. 

We commonly turn to our robotic demolition services, which use advanced, remote-controlled robotic technology to get into tight and otherwise hazardous areas without endangering crew members. This approach is fumeless and low noise, making it an ideal option for projects taking place in or near residential areas. Robotic demolition services are also generally cost effective as they allow for smaller crew sizes. 

We also offer hydraulic splitting that can be useful for breaking up ground supports when it comes to bridge demolition. This approach splits concrete with high levels of precision. It is considered an environmentally friendly demolition option since it reduces noise and dust output for a cleaner demolition procedure.  

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Why Choose Interstate Sawing for Bridge Demolition

Interstate Sawing & Demolition has the experience and the technology you want for a complicated concrete project like bridge demolition. Our company boasts over twenty-five years of experience in the concrete cutting and demolition fields. We also have a competent staff of over twenty-five employees and a fleet of over twenty-six fully-equipped trucks ready to take on your concrete demolition needs.  

Contact Interstate Sawing for bridge demolition services. We look forward to working with you.

Bridge Demolition Project