Concrete Grinding/Scarifying Services

Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been the leader in concrete cutting, sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating. We offer a wide array of knowledge, experience, specialty services, and innovative ideas for concrete grinding services to remove surface irregularities caused by construction or through repeated traffic over time. Interstate Sawing & Demolition specializes in removing any dangerous trip hazards as well as prepping walls, ceilings, floors and sidewalks for resurfacing. Contact us today to book our state-of-the-art Concrete Grinding Scarifying. Read below for a brief summary of Concrete Grinding Scarifying Services and some of its applications.

What Is Concrete Grinding Scarifying?

Scarifiers cut or scar the surface of concrete with the use of cutting tools that rotate around a drum. The cutters chip away at the concrete leaving rough surface profiles for various purposes. Cutting depths are adjustable on most machines, with some models achieving up to 1/4 inch of material removal in just one pass. Scarifiers remove concrete faster and more aggressively than grinders due to the pummeling action of the cutting wheels that rotate at very high speeds.

A concrete scarifier is a machine that uses spinning blades, attached to a rotating drum, to chip away at the top layer of a concrete surface. Scarifiers carve distinct lines in the concrete, making the surfaces especially useful for non-slip purposes. These machines are great for removing coatings and creating a level space, free of bumps and dips.

Concrete grinders create shallow grooves in the concrete, enhancing its non-slip properties, but they’re not quite as directional as a scarifier’s grooves. Concrete grinders are machines that spin diamond-tipped discs across the concrete, grinding away the top layer and leaving an even, textured surface.

Applications for this type of service:

  • Grooving walkways and sidewalks to make them slip-resistant
  • Leveling misaligned concrete joints and uneven surfaces.
  • Removing thick epoxy, carpet clue, or coatings
  • Carving deep grooves for traction
  • Removing thicker layers of concrete for repair.
  • Scarifiers dig fairly deep into the concrete, scraping away up to ¼ of an inch per pass. This means they’re especially useful for outdoor construction projects such as:
    • Bridge construction and repair
    • Road construction and repair
    • Parking garage flooring
    • Sidewalks and driveways

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Since 1996 Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been providing Grinding Scarifying Services with the highest quality construction materials, equipment, and services available. Our vast knowledge of concrete renovation and removal, innovative ideas, and continuing commitment to excellence has helped our customers save time and money on their projects.

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