Demolition Contractor

Looking for a Milwaukee demolition contractor? Building demolition can be a very dangerous process. So, when you are looking for a general contractor, call Interstate Sawing & Demolition. As the nation’s leading concrete sawing and robotic demolition experts, we put safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront of each job we undertake. Our dedication to offering you the best result is unmatched by others.

Here’s what you should know and expect when you hire a demolition contractor:

What are Demolition Contractors?

If you’re not a professional, demolition work can be difficult, taxing, and strenuous — not to mention dangerous. This is especially true when extensive precautions aren’t taken. Demolition contractors are professionals who perform either residential or commercial building demolition to meet OSHA standards and safe practices. Demolition crews must know how to safely and effectively remove a variety of structures.

What to Look for in a Demolition Contractor

When conducting your search, it’s important that you make sure the contractor you hire has the proper licensing. A simple Google search can give you a lot of information, such as the quality of their work, the timeliness of work done, as well as the overall professionalism of the general contractor. 

Interstate Sawing & Demolition is a CSDA accredited company. This means that we comply with the CSDA Code of Ethics for safety, quality, and integrity in all operations. You can rest assured that you are hiring one of the best in the entire concrete industry.

You may also want to look into each contractor’s experience. It will be advantageous to consider hiring a concrete cutting company that offers a variety of services you may need. Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been the industry leader in concrete cutting, sawing, and robotic demolition services. A few of the services that we offer include:

  • Bridge demolition
  • Building demolition
  • Food safe environment demolition
  • Robotic demolition
  • Soft demolition 
  • Smokestack demolition
Bridge Demolition Project

Why You Need a Professional Demolition Contractor Company

No matter the size of the job, knocking down walls and removing floors is incredibly unsafe without the proper knowledge and experience to do so. Our demolition team is highly trained in all risks and safety precautions necessary to make the job safe. We use remote-controlled demolition robots for the complete demolition of a structure. This includes a combination of interior and exterior demolition services to remove the building’s entire structure. When the job is done, we will ensure that waste is contained and properly disposed of without disturbing the surrounding buildings and objects.

Demolition Service From a Demolition Expert

If you’re in need of building demolition services, then you’re in need of a team you can trust. Don’t rely on just anyone who says they do demolition. Turn to the experienced professionals at Interstate Sawing & Demolition. We oversee a variety of full demolition jobs from start to finish. Our general contractors have provided professional, thorough, and — most importantly — safe demolition and excavation services throughout Milwaukee and the surrounding areas since 1996. 

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