Demolition & Hauling Services 

For over 25 years, Interstate Sawing has provided concrete cutting services in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Like most companies in the industry, we address your basic concrete cutting needs. Over the years, we’ve completed countless core drilling, concrete grinding, and numerous other concrete sawing services for commercial properties and businesses. Our team continues to learn new approaches, and we use our Brokk demolition robots to tackle complex jobs. In addition to these kinds of services, we also specialize in custom demolition and hauling services that require innovative approaches and outside-the-box thinking. 

Interstate Sawing Provides the Best Concrete Sawing & Hauling Services

For many potential clients, our concrete cutting services will cover basic concrete cutting and concrete demolition needs. However, some clients have very specific needs with even more specific job requirements. For these kinds of clients, we provide specialized demolition and hauling services that few other companies can match. At Interstate Sawing, we use devices and tools that enable us to work within a variety of environments. If you need us to work silently, we can perform each task with minimal noise pollution. If you need us to work in a food-safe environment, we can use our dust-mitigating saws. If work needs to be completed remotely, our Brokk robots allow us to work from afar. Our arsenal of tools enables us to get in and move safely and efficiently. Interstate Sawing specializes in providing the best, most innovative demolition and hauling services—and our track record shows it.   

Specialized Demolition Services

You may be wondering: what kinds of jobs are included within this category of services? The short answer is any atypical job that requires smart thinking for a sound solution. Some of the jobs we’ve tackled in the past include jobs as basic as silo demolition to jobs as difficult as bank vault removal. If you can imagine the kind of job, we can complete it. For a preview of what kinds of jobs we take on, click on the following service pages to read more. Or, contact our friendly staff today for more information about our process.