bank vault demolition in process

Here at Interstate Sawing, we tackle some of the toughest demolition projects. Our fleet of Brokk demolition robots allows us to take on unconventional jobs that other crews aren’t equipped to handle. Back in 2020, our demolition team accepted an unusual custom job: an entire bank vault removal. Our team packed up our demolition robots and headed down to Dallas, Texas to survey the job and assess the scope of the demolition. The bank vault’s dimensions clocked in at 20 ft. by 50 ft. The perimeter was reinforced with drywall, rebar, thick concrete, and other reinforcement materials. For a standard demolition crew, this would be an unthinkable job. But, for Interstate’s crew, the bank vault demolition job was as easy to complete as any other concrete cutting job

How To Remove a Bank Vault

When we arrived on the scene, we surveyed the job site and produced a plan. Due to the specifications of the job, we knew we would have to perform the following tasks:

  • Break through the surrounding drywall to access the perimeter of the bank vault
  • Expose the rebar to prepare for removal and recycling
  • Cut through and break down the concrete support system (including walls and ceiling)
  • Separate the rebar from the concrete—all rebar was broken down and recycled  
  • Remove dust and debris from the job site to ensure safety measure were met

First, our demolition team used Brokk demolition robots to rip through the surrounding drywall with ease. We then exposed the rebar by cutting through the concrete walls. Once our team demolished the surrounding concrete, we then prepared the exposed rebar for separation and extraction. Some demolition crews do not separate the rebar from the concrete. However, Interstate Sawing technicians hand-cut, remove, and recycle all rebar. After preparing the area, we were able to expose and take out the entryway to the bank vault. 

When everything was said and done, our team cleaned up and left the job site spotless. By the time our crew finished, it was difficult to imagine a 1,000+ squarefoot bank vault had ever been there. Check out this video of our bank vault demolition job to see the entire process!

Why Does Interstate Sawing Use Brokk Demolition Robots?

Interstate Sawing uses Brokk demolition robots for a variety of reasons. These incredible machines come equipped with multiple attachments that facilitate all stages of the demolition process. Additionally, Brokk demolition robots are remote controlled and allow users to operate from a safe distance. This keeps our workers safe and ensures that any type of job can be completed, regardless of how dangerous a potential job site might be. In the case of our bank vault removal job, the area surrounding the bank vault was equipped with a network of live wires. For a manual wrecking crew, these conditions would have potentially caused severe problems. However, our remote-controlled robots allow our demolition team to access potentially hazardous workplaces from safe zones. 

If you’re looking for a team of demolition experts to handle an unconventional job, Interstate Sawing is your best option. For the past 25 years, we’ve tackled some of the toughest demolition jobs with amazing results. If you’re looking for a team who can complete any job well ahead of schedule and with the highest safety standards, contact our friendly staff today. No job is too big or too tough for our demolition team.