stairs leading to basement

A popular concrete job that we handle is mezzanine removal. While a mezzanine is important for some buildings to maximize their unused vertical space, it also means the concrete needs to be removed once it is no longer needed or structurally sound. At Interstate Sawing, our crew has the knowledge, experience and proper tools to handle your concrete mezzanine removal process in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

The Mezzanine Removal Process

The mezzanine removal process can take anywhere from a couple of days to about a month depending on the size of the job. This job takes brute force from our crews as well as extremely powerful concrete saws and robots. Safety is always a priority too. When the actual job is being done, the concrete is cleaned and then cut in rows so it can be lifted and then broken up. The electric robots that we use to remove the concrete lifts up large blocks at a time so the process can keep moving along.

Once the concrete is lifted and crumbled, it can be easily removed by the crew to move out of the area and into a safe area. The only thing left would be the shell of the flooring. 

Our robotic saws and crew strive to keep the dust levels low from the project which makes the work extremely safe and extremely effective. For a visual example, check out this great video of our crew removing a 20 foot tall mezzanine in Nashville, Tennessee.

How Our Crews Cut Through The Concrete Mezzanines

For most of our jobs, our crews use electric sawing devices that make the concrete cutting simple. By combining brute force, sharp blades and hydraulic support, our expert technicians can cut through just about anything. Our saws are industrial grade and can cut depths up to 15 inches. Check out our video archive to see our demolition equipment cut through the toughest of concrete materials.