silo demolition

Silos play an important role on their own, but when it comes time for them to be taken down, we know how to properly handle the job. At Interstate Sawing, we know the importance of proper silo demolition, and we know that the proper safety steps need to be taken to ensure your property and everyone included in the process remains unharmed.

The Silo Demolition Process

The first step in silo demolition is to remove the top cap of the silo. This will allow for easier and safe demolition the rest of the way. Once the top is safely removed and demolished, the rest of the silo can safely and effectively be demolished.

The silo demolished in this video was done by using the Brokk 100 and it was hoisted into the air using a telehandler allowing the operator to perform the job faster as well as minimizing the risk and manual labor.

If the silo is being destroyed near a building, it is important to ensure all of the concrete debris is removed while the demolition is taking place to ensure no building is damaged. It is also crucial for the larger debris to be pushed into the silo when being demolished to reduce the risk of other damages. The process is to cut the concrete in an inward position so the debris will pile up in the middle of the silo. Slowly but surely, the silo is taken down to the base.

How Our Crews Cut Through The Concrete Silos

For most of our jobs, our crews use electric sawing devices that make the concrete cutting simple. For the taller silos, we have to use larger machines to reach the top levels of the silos. By combining brute force, sharp blades and hydraulic support, our expert technicians can cut through just about anything. Our saws are industrial grade and can cut depths up to 15 inches. Check out our video archive to see our demolition equipment cut through the toughest of concrete materials.