man taking out an old floor

Sometimes, business takes you to interesting places. When we heard from the five-star Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee for a specialized demolition job, we knew we were the right crew. The Hutton Hotel owners needed a demolition team to break down a 4,000+ square feet parking deck. Normally, this would be an easy job for any wrecking crew, but there was a catch. We couldn’t make any noise while performing our suspended floor removal service! The Hutton regularly hosts country music stars who can’t be disturbed during the day. The concrete was 8-inches and heavily reinforced, but it was no match for our high-cycle wall saws or our Brokk demolition robots. Some crews might have failed, but our crew took the bull by the horns and exceeded the Hutton staff’s expectations.  

How Our Competitors Remove a Suspended Parking Deck 

Normally, a demolition team would have to come in and immediately shore up the premises. This means that the crew would have to set up industrial props to keep everything safe and secure. These materials aren’t cheap, and installation can be time-consuming. Not only do you have to shore the floor you’re working on—you have to shore every floor beneath it. Once everything is shored up, a demolition crew cuts concrete into 3×3 cubes until the floor is cleared. This process isn’t the most cost effective approach, and many companies reflect this in their pricing. In addition to costly shoring, many companies use expensive circular saws to cut concrete section-by-section. This approach can add up a construction or demolition bill quicker than one might think. After all, diamond tipped cycle saws are expensive. So, we approached the situation from a different perspective.

Interstate Sawing’s Innovative Demolition Approach

Rather than waste time and money on old-school approaches, our demolition crew thought outside of the box. We cut and crushed the concrete systematically and set up temporary shores to cut concrete incrementally. Our workers used our Brokk 180 with its concrete crushing attachment to break down the concrete with minimal noise. By using our Brokk demolition robot, we were able to complete the job silently and more efficiently. And, because our robots come equipped with remote capabilities, we were able to ensure none of our workers were injured. Every aspect of Interstate Sawing’s approach is well considered and planned out with costs in mind. In fact, our Brokk demolition robots keep liability costs down because they are so safe. 

Interstate Sawing Saves Companies Time & Money

When you turn to Interstate Sawing, you know that the job will be done on your timeline and at a reduced cost. Our workers are able to tackle any job with maximum efficiency and safety. The team strips and recycles rebar for you, and our robots allow us to work in even the most unconventional job sites. Whether you need us to be silent or you need us to work in food-safe spaces, we have you covered with no problems. If you’re looking for a demolition crew to tackle your seemingly impossible job, contact our friendly staff today to schedule a consultation today.