For nearly 25 years, Interstate Sawing has been known for concrete cutting, demolition, and removal. In addition to our extensive list of service offerings, we have begun to provide concrete scanning & ground penetrating radar (GPR) services. We prioritized adding this service to the mix to make sure we were offering solutions to our customers to protect their safety. That being said, we recommend concrete scanning before any cutting or breaking takes place. Our industry-leading scanning technology will detect any existing risks so you can move forward with your project with confidence. 

The Benefits of Concrete Scanning

Though some may opt to use x-rays to identify issues with concrete, this method generally only works for scanning elevated slabs. This is because x-rays require access to both sides of the concrete in order to create a fully effective scan. Concrete scanning & GPR only requires access to one side, so you can use it for pretty much any slab including concrete that was poured directly onto the ground. 

GPR is also a faster solution in comparison with x-rays, especially when scanning larger areas. The standard concrete scanning area is usually a two-foot square, which shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to scan and mark. It is important to know what’s inside concrete before cutting or breaking to ensure nothing offsets the process, creating safety risks for those performing the work. It also helps you avoid disrupting general business operations. For example, cutting through rebar or post-tension cables could knock out power, resulting in costly repairs and risking injury for those on the job. 

With scanning & GPR, we are able to check concrete for:

  • Rebar
  • Conduits
  • Plumbing
  • Voids in concrete
  • Post tension cables

What Equipment We Use

Our scanning & ground penetrating radar technology is able to scan up to 24” deep, allowing us to determine if there are hidden elements below the concrete’s surface. Our team uses two different GPR’s depending on the project.

GP 8000 

  • Investigation of pavement and bridge decks.
  • Locating rebars and live wires before drilling, cutting, and coring.
  • Shallow utility locating.

GP 8800

  • Congested rebar configurations.
  • Areas close to walls and underneath pipes.
  • Irregular and curved surfaces. 

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