Helical Pier Installation

Helical piers can be a perfect option for providing permanent support to a building or other type of structure’s foundation. But, helical piers are not do-it-yourself projects, even for experienced amauter home renovators. This project requires extensive know-how and professional equipment to ensure the safety of the home or other building type. Luckily, Interstate Sawing & Demolition has that know-how and all the necessary equipment for helical pier installation. Plus, we have decades of experience in this type of work and are here to help you understand the process.   

What is a Helical Pier? 

Helical piers are a type of permanent foundation support, most commonly installed when a home or building has started to sink into the soil or shown signs that it will begin to do so. Helical piers are steel rod shafts with helix-shaped blades protruding from them. These rods are meant to be inserted and screwed into the soil underneath a structure, with the blades acting as a means of cutting into the soil and supporting the structure once placed. Once a helical pier is placed, a steel bracket is attached to the building’s foundation and to the top of the pier, thereby securely connecting the two. 

The main goal of helical pier installation is reaching stable soil that might be far beneath your home or other building and using that soil for support. Once the soil immediately under a building becomes unsupportive, the building may begin to sink into it. This soil may become unsupportive for a variety of reasons, including increased rainfall and erosion. A helical pier can reach beneath that soil to more compacted and supportive soil much further down, thereby allowing a building to shift its weight to that deeper soil.

In addition to homes and buildings, helical piers can also be used underneath other structures such as decks and bridges. Any structure that is built upon soil that it might sink into can benefit from the addition of a helical pier system.     

Specialized Knowledge & Equipment for Helical Pier Installation

At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we have the knowledge and equipment necessary for successful helical pier installation. Because installation of helical piers often requires drilling in and around concrete foundations, it is highly beneficial to choose a company that specializes in concrete sawing and demolition. 

Services such as our concrete core drilling and our concrete cutting provide us with a more comprehensive understanding of concrete servicing as well as how buildings and structures sit and settle into concrete foundations. We not only can fully assess the building’s settlement process and diagnose needs but we can also better monitor the process and any snags throughout installation. 

Why Choose Interstate Sawing for Helical Pier Installation

In short, Interstate Sawing & Demolition, with its CSDA contractor certification, has the experience, knowledge and industry-leading equipment to handle any helical pier installation project. We are happy to consult with you on your project and help determine the best course of action for permanently supporting your home or other building’s foundation for years to come. Contact Interstate Sawing for helical pier installation.