Our history began in 1996 with this simple philosophy:

“Always use the finest equipment, combined with a skilled experience workforce who have the same passion and drive to deliver the highest quality level of service possible to our customers.”

Humble Beginnings

After spending 12 years as a concrete cutter, Duke Long began formulating a plan to open his own concrete cutting business with the intent to be the best by using his very simple philosophy listed above!

Duke Long founded Interstate Sawing & Demolition in 1996. With just one truck, a temporary office in his homes garage, and the assistance and support of his loving wife Sandi, together they took on one of their greatest challenges in pursuit of their dreams.

It wasn’t easy. Together with lots of hard work, discipline, determination, some more hard work, Duke and Sandi were able to grow their business and make their dreams come true.

If you ask Duke, “What is the formula for success?” He would tell you to never waiver from your philosophy and plan. Always keep your eye on the big picture. And most importantly treat your customers like you would like to be treated because the project you may be working on could be their dream and we may be helping their dreams to come true!


Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s operation has grown to include a fleet of 26+ fully equipped trucks. Duke now has a well trained and experienced staff of over 25 employees. His modest two car garage has grown into a spotless, well organized 16000-square foot facility on a 2 acre lot. Duke is still an owner/operator in every sense of the word. While entirely comfortable behind a desk managing the complexities of his business, he still works in the field alongside his employees. This helps Duke to keep his pulse on new techniques and trends in the industry, while maintaining the strong teamwork atmosphere he has developed with all the employees.