We offer a variety of concrete cutting services for any setting. No matter where it takes place, when our crew starts working on your project, numerous different pieces of equipment will be brought in and operated, making the area less accessible to you than usual and kicking up some dust. Preparation is needed to ensure the smooth operation of equipment upon arrival and for the duration of our stay, and to make sure your property stays safe and tidy. 

Evaluate the Area 

Is this a high-traffic area, or a space you use often? Be sure to consider how you will reroute around this area of your home or business during concrete cutting. Remove anything you need from the area in case it is hard to access during cutting, and communicate the reroute plan with anyone else who frequents the space. If you are a business, consider putting up signs in advance of our arrival letting employees know there will be a reroute and letting customers know if you will be open during cutting/demolition. If the job site is residential, emphasize to children the importance of avoiding the area. 

Clear and Isolate the Area 

Remove as many items from the area as possible. This includes any smaller items that are easy to move and as many bigger items as possible. Indoors, this includes furnishings. While Interstate Sawing and Demolition uses precise equipment that creates less mess, dust, and debris when cutting concrete is inevitable. For this reason, it is also a good idea to isolate the area as much as you can, including blocking vents or turning off HVAC systems as possible. This way, dust from the area being worked on cannot travel through air vents to other areas. Clearing the area also helps us move equipment around with ease, so clearing a large open space around the area being cut is a great help.

Preparing Indoor vs. Outdoor Areas for Concrete Cutting Services

Indoor Areas

There are several ways to prepare your indoor space for concrete cutting. If the cutting will only take place in a single room, hang up plastic sheets around the entrance to the room and tape them to seal them closed. This is a great way to contain the spread of fine concrete dust, which can make its way under doors and through cracks. If you must leave furniture in the room or want to protect built-in furnishings, cover them up with a drop cloth. Any fabric or porous material can become dusty if left uncovered, so if the room contains carpet, it is a good idea to cover it up as well. Wooden or laminate floors with even small cracks between panels should also be covered with plastic to mitigate dust.    

Outdoor Areas

While the dust and debris produced by concrete cutting may seem less concerning if your job site is outdoors, clearing the area of any pre-existing items will help us get to work quickly. If the outdoor area is not in frequent or current use, carefully sweep the area a few times visually and remove any garbage or other debris. If this is a high-traffic area, make sure to remove anything you will need to use or that can be moved to create as much space around the cut site as possible. In outdoor spaces, you may need to remove organic material like leaves or cut back any trees, bushes, or other plants close to the area we will be cutting. You may even want to tie back or cover your plants to protect them from fine concrete dust, or temporarily relocate any particularly sensitive plants. 

Be Confident, Be Prepared

You’re already on your way to updating your home or business. Taking the time to prepare the area for concrete cutting services is the best way to make sure your property stays in mint condition while cutting takes place. We appreciate you helping us do our best work for you! If you have a question about preparing a specific area, get in touch and we would be happy to share our pointers with you.