Hydraulic Splitting

If you have concrete that needs to be cracked and removed, then hydraulic splitting will get the job done. But don’t leave the job up to just anyone. Interstate Sawing & Demolition is ready to take on all types of demolition projects in the Milwaukee area. Whether we need to split through concrete walls, floor slabs, foundations, or other large barriers, we guarantee a prompt and accurate execution every time.

What is Hydraulic Splitting?

Also known as a rock splitter, a hydraulic splitter is a versatile demolition tool used to split rock and demolish concrete with high precision. This portable tool is used in demolition jobs to break apart thick concrete within several seconds. It can accommodate even the most restrictive job sites because it operates without any vibration or heavy blasting, making it ideal for industrial and commercial demolition.

Hydraulic splitting is also suitable for:

  • Demolition work in cramped spaces or places that are difficult to access
  • Tunneling
  • Demolition of walls and wall openings
  • Splitting concrete slabs
  • Demolition of reinforced concrete

How a Hydraulic Splitter Works

Hydraulic splitting is a great low-impact way to break apart thick concrete. These splitting tools are inserted into pre-drilled drill holes and exert a splitting force from within the material. By inserting the machine into a small cored hole, the splitter will use a 10,000 P.S.I. pump to crack the concrete. The amount of force used is effective enough to induce controlled cracking of the material, thus reducing it to manageable sections for removal. This can help us keep the breaking more controlled as well as keep the noise level down.

Benefits of Hydraulic Splitting

Unlike conventional demolition techniques that destroy rock and concrete externally, hydraulic splitting works from inside of the material. This allows us to get the job done quickly and more effectively. Although hydraulic splitters are not ideal in every situation (such as soft, rippable rock), their versatility makes them uniquely adaptable.

Here are a few additional benefits of hydraulic splitting:

  • Safety – Since hydraulic splitters perform swift, controlled demolition, there is little risk to workers, nearby buildings, or other job site activities.
  • Environmentally friendly – Hydraulic splitters reduce the emission of noise and dust, allowing the job to be completed even in confined or sensitive areas.
  • Easy to use – Hydraulic splitter can be run without any heavy equipment while still delivering an incredible amount of power.

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You deserve to have a team you can trust for concrete demolition. At Interstate Sawing, our vast knowledge of concrete removal and continuing commitment to excellence has helped our customers save time and money on their projects. We pride ourselves on having safe and reliable service for all of our customers at their job sites.

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