It Was Time For an Update:
The Reason Why Interstate Sawing Company, Inc. Made a Name Change

large machinery demolition building project

From an in-home office and one employee to a 27,000 square foot building and 45 employees, Interstate Sawing Company, Inc. has experienced incredible growth in its 23 years of operations. Becoming the Midwest leader and one of the nation’s foremost construction companies in concrete sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating is not something that happens overnight. Owner, Duke Long, is the driving force who continues to lead the company successfully year after year. An experienced concrete cutter himself, Duke Long has shared his expertise with groups around the world. His words have reached audiences all over North America, South America, and Australia. With over 35 years of experience in the field, a fearless attitude, and an accolade of achievements under his belt, Duke Long is one of the greatest in the industry and is a name that is recognized globally. Interstate Sawing has evolved through the years, and Long felt that it was time to update the name of his company to better encompass all the services Interstate Sawing can provide its customers. In 2020, Interstate Sawing Company, Inc. officially became known as Interstate Sawing & Demolition, a change that was both necessary and overdue.

duke standing in front of interstate sawing truck

Duke Long and his company, now Interstate Sawing & Demolition, are proof that hard work, dedication, and perseverance truly do pay off. The company was founded by Long in 1996 in the garage of his home with one employee, his wife Sandi, and one truck. Today, Interstate has a 27,000 square foot facility located in West Bend, Wisconsin with 45 employees and a fleet of 26 fully equipped trucks. In the beginning, Duke and Sandi balanced growing a business with raising a family, and today, all three of the Long children have followed in their parents’ footsteps. Each has chosen to join the Interstate Sawing team. The Long’s two oldest sons, Sam and Ben, work in the field where they apply their knowledge and inherited skills daily. Emma, the Long’s youngest daughter, is pursuing a Marketing degree with a Management emphasis in addition to working full time in the dispatching office. Clearly, the Long’s have raised three successful children, and the same is true for their business. Throughout the past 23 years, Interstate Sawing has been featured in over one dozen magazines, both local and national, including Equipment World, Concrete Openings, and Demolition Magazine, among others. Each article highlights the accomplishments of the company and reinforces the outstanding reputation that has been built. Duke was also selected as the recipient of Equipment World’s “Contractor of the Year” award in 2005, a prestigious honor that recognizes one business owner for upholding the ideals, ethics, and values of the construction industry.

Certainly, Interstate Sawing has come a long way from the early stages of operations being conducted from a small, household garage. Included under the Interstate brand is also Interstate Auto & Truck Service Center, a fully functioning auto shop specializing in construction fleet maintenance and specialty construction equipment repairs. Housed in the same building as Interstate Sawing, Interstate Auto and Truck serves the West Bend and surrounding communities, Interstate Sawing itself, and some of the company’s competitors as well. Long recognized the need and the importance of having a skilled labor force that can immediately address any automotive-related issues as they may arise. This additional business minimizes down time and ensures that Interstate always has trucks on the road to keep up with the constant customer requests. Interstate Sawing also manufactures their own equipment that is used on jobsites or is sold to customers for their use, which is just one more of the many things that separates this high caliber company from its competition. This customer-centered mindset has been evident from the beginning and it will continue to be at the forefront of all decisions impacting the company moving forward.

One of those big decisions was the choice to update the company’s name. For Long, this was an easy decision. Interstate Sawing started solely as a saw cutting company, but now, with 35 percent of the company’s sales coming from demolition jobs that go hand in hand with concrete cutting, a new name reflecting this addition was needed. Through the purchases of cutting edge technology and machines coupled with the knowledge from a top talent workforce, Interstate Sawing has become a national industry leader in both robotic and confined space demolition. This segment of the company will continue to grow and become even more dominant in the company’s operations. Long hopes that the addition of “Demolition” in the company’s name will make it easier for prospective customers to find the company when searching the internet and help them recognize that Interstate Sawing is more than just a concrete cutting business.

The only change that occurred was a small adjustment to Interstate Sawing’s name. One of the many principles that will remain constant is the fact that Interstate Sawing is dedicated to its customers and values the relationships created through each interaction. The safety of everyone involved in any job, including employees and customers, has always been and will continue to be a top priority. Interstate Sawing & Demolition looks forward to continuing to serve any and all customer needs throughout the state and the nation with constant professionalism. You can be assured that you are receiving the best customer service and industry expertise when you choose Interstate Sawing & Demolition.