At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, mezzanine removal is one of our specialties. Mezzanine floors can add an incredible amount of versatility to your workspace in offices, warehouses, and beyond by adding additional, usable floor space without adding to the overall footprint of your facility. However, when it comes time for reimagining your space once more, a mezzanine removal may be needed. At this point, it’s time to call in the professionals. Whether you’re in Wisconsin, the midwest, or beyond, we are ready to tackle your project. For example, we recently completed a full mezzanine removal project in Boston, Massachusetts. Read on to learn more about the many uses of mezzanine floors, the advantages of professional mezzanine removal, and the mezzanine removal offerings we provide at Interstate Sawing & Demolition.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is an additional floor in a building between two main floors. They are a common feature in both large public structures like shopping centers and airports in addition to industrial facilities. Usually, a floor with a mezzanine has a staircase or multiple staircases that allow access to the mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floors can be custom-built or installed from prefabricated modules depending on their location and use. Some mezzanine floors are attractive architectural features and others are designed for purely practical reasons like increased storage. 

Advantages of Professional Mezzanine Removal 

Mezzanines require both professional installation and removal for maximum safety. While these intermediate floors are typically installed later in the building process than the rest of a structure, they are still built to last and are incredibly sturdy. Mezzanines must adhere to many safety standards, including posting notices of a mezzanine’s weight limits and following mandates regarding safety for all elevated platforms. After they are added, mezzanine floors are often integral components of a structure and undergo daily use. Mezzanine removal is a project that requires professional expertise whether in a smaller space or a large warehouse, so no matter what your space is like, seek out a professional demolition company for this task. The advantages of hiring our professional demolition team for mezzanine removal include:

  • We have access to and expertise using the best machinery in the business, giving us the upper hand in efficient mezzanine removal.
  • We use demolition robots capable of demolishing and removing large volumes of concrete quickly. They’re the most cost-effective demolition tool, too!
  • We can apply state-of-the-art demolition techniques like silent demolition in settings that require a specialty approach. Silent demolition is particularly useful when mezzanine removal is needed in a building that has other occupants.
  • We work with you to get the job done in a timeframe that works for your needs while always prioritizing safety. 

Your Go-To Team

A mezzanine can be a thing of beauty or of utility. Either way, if your mezzanine floor no longer fits your needs, we are your go-to team for expert mezzanine removal. Whether you are redesigning your space or undergoing a more comprehensive demolition and rebuild, mezzanine removal may be part of your process. Our team of experts, backed by over twenty years of experience, is excited to undertake your mezzanine removal project nationwide. Contact Interstate Sawing for mezzanine removal, we’ll come to you!