Mini Crane Demolition Services

From construction work to demolition projects, the applications for mini cranes are limitless. But don’t leave the job up to just anyone. Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been the leader in concrete cutting/sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating for over 25 years. By upgrading our equipment and fabricating the needed adjustments to our machines, we are able to provide you with unique solutions to get the job done in the most efficient and safest way possible.

What is a Mini Crane?

Mini cranes are compact, portable machinery that operates well within confined spaces. This versatile tool is small enough to maneuver into places where standard lifting equipment just can’t do the job. Its small size can maneuver into the tightest access locations, which allows you to place them in hard-to-reach locations where large cranes and forklifts can’t go. The most compact units fit through standard doorways and are light enough to be transported on passenger elevators.

Applications & Advantages of Mini Cranes

Mini cranes are an essential tool for any commercial or large-scale indoor or outdoor project. They’re the ideal option for confined space lifting in areas with limited access. The mini crane that we use is a Maeda Mini Crane. This type of crane is an electric or diesel-powered machine that is only 30” wide, making it able to fit through any door. The combination motor with diesel and electric options ensures quiet and low-emission work indoors and outdoors. This allows quick, flexible work to be done. It’s also excellent when it comes to safety.

Even in confined places or spaces with obstacles, our cranes play an important role in safety with four supportive outriggers. Mini cranes can also be used for rooftop work to lift materials from the ground. Where you would normally have to block roads to use bigger cranes, mini cranes can easily access and reduce costs with their compact body.

Here are a few additional jobs that a mini crane can help with:

  • Demolition work
  • Groundwork
  • Reaching buildings on steep hills
  • Construction sites where a low ground pressure is necessary

By cutting concrete elements into smaller pieces, and then removing them by crane, the demolition of an entire concrete structure may be carried out with a minimum of noise, dust, and impact on surrounding structures.

Ask About Our Mini Crane Demolition Services

​​If you need a crane operator, make Interstate Sawing your Milwaukee mini crane service company. Relying solely on manual labor is an unsustainable practice. We bolster our experienced crews with machines that increase efficiency in many areas. This mechanization has helped to improve not only our worker safety and productivity but also overall cost-effectiveness.

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