Robotic demolition equipment has enabled demolition and construction companies to carry out tasks more quickly, safely, and efficiently. What are demolition robots? This heavy machinery was primarily designed to demolish buildings and make way for new developments. Once their effectiveness was adequately exercised, construction companies started using them for other means such as assembling new buildings and relocating large structures. Much of the new development you see today was completed by demolition robots. As the nation’s leading provider of robotic demolition, we can say with utmost certainty that it is the most dependable form of demolition service offered on the market today.

Benefits of Robotic Demolition Equipment

Robotic demolition equipment comes in a variety of sizes, allowing teams to choose what will work best for each project. Updates are always being made to the design of the equipment, and Interstate Sawing continues to utilize the most current technology available. Use of demolition robots has completely transformed productivity on all projects we execute due to the incredible benefits they offer.

Some of the benefits we experience as a business that uses robotic demolition equipment are:

  • Increased safety in the construction environment. Robots are operated with remote controls allowing workers to stay a safe distance from the construction area and ledges/fall hazards. The use of robots also keeps workers from having to perform many strenuous tasks that could result in injury.
  • Less noise disturbances for surrounding businesses and residents. Our electric robots allow for exhaust-free, low-noise demolition so we can perform work without disrupting those in the nearby area.
  • Enhanced portability and power. Robotic demolition equipment is compact, allowing access to more restrictive job sites, tight doorways, and passenger elevators. Though small, they’re just as powerful as excavators 3x their size.
  • Improved productivity. With remote operation, fewer workers are required to carry out jobs, reducing labor costs. The assistance of robotic equipment also helps workers complete projects twice as fast, minimizing construction costs across the board.

How Robotic Demolition Equipment is Used

When you hire Interstate Sawing & Demolition work will be executed with custom remote-controlled emission-free robotic demolition equipment. Our robots can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects and be altered to tackle unusual projects in tight spaces.

Examples of projects that we use robotic demolition equipment for include:

  • Cutting into floors.
  • Tunneling.
  • Interior and exterior unstable wall removal.
  • Building and other large structure demolition and removal.

Check out the video below to see the equipment in action!


Working with Interstate Sawing Demolition & Construction

Established in 1996, Interstate Sawing & Demolition is the nation’s leading provider of all services that utilize robotic demolition. From concrete cutting to confined space excavation, you can expect the highest quality service from our construction teams. Additional specialized services we provide include bank vault demolition, concrete scanning & GPR, and mezzanine removal. Interstate Sawing has locations in Milwaukee and Madison, but is available to travel to any site in the nation. To learn more, submit an inquiry, or receive a quote for demolition services, contact us today!