Rock Drilling

Interstate Sawing & Demolition can tackle your rock drilling needs using state-of-the-art equipment known for its low noise and enhanced safety benefits. With an emphasis on professional workmanship and performance, we make sure that each of our workers puts safety on the job site as a top priority. Whether you need assistance with tunneling, underground mining, or a more unique rock drilling project, Interstate Sawing has the means to assist you. Keep reading to learn more about the process and equipment we use nationwide making Interstate Sawing your go-to crew for all drilling needs.

Our Process & Equipment

Rock drilling is exactly what it sounds like. Using demolition robots, Interstate Sawing drills into and removes obstructive rock. We handle all initial planning and can safely navigate internal infrastructure and piping to ensure that no damage is done to your property. We will also use our robots to do all of the heavy lifting and removal of debris so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after we’re done.

Examples of This Type of Drilling

Rock drilling is widely used in various types of construction and engineering efforts. View the video below for an example of one of our recent rock drilling projects where we drilled into basement flooring to make way for new plumbing. More examples of these types of drilling projects include:

  • Drilling holes for oil, gas, minerals, or dynamite for controlled demolition.
  • Breaking apart surfaces to rebuild with new materials.
  • Removal of underground rock.
  • Both indoor and outdoor drilling projects.


As one of the nation’s largest leading providers of Robotic Demolition solutions, Interstate Sawing can tackle any rock drilling project big or small. Our robot fleet allows for exhaust-free, low noise demolition so we are able to work anywhere without disrupting surrounding activity. Features of our equipment include:

  • Lifting capabilities: 400-1200 lbs.
  • Robot weights: 1100 – 11500 lbs.
  • Attachment applications: breakers, crushers, buckets, plungers, drilling grapplers.
  • Remote controlled with a range of 500+ feet from the device to the work area.

Contact Us to Get Your Rock Drilling Crew

Interstate Sawing & Demolition provides efficient, safe, and high-quality deconstruction services nationally. Our equipment allows us to accomplish all projects 80% faster than the average demolition company and the ability to perform work in a non-hazardous environment. Contact us today to book one of our expert drilling crews!