Smokestack Demolition

Smokestack demolition is no easy task. The process of demolishing and removing an industrial chimney, stack, or tower can be a potentially hazardous project if not done the right way. But don’t just leave the job up to anyone. Interstate Sawing & Demolition has been the leader in concrete cutting/sawing, robotic demolition, confined space demolition and excavating since 1996. Our determination, organization, and extreme attention to detail sets us up for success with every project we undertake.

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What is a Smokestack?

Also known as a stack or chimney, smokestacks have been used for a number of years in industries concerned about the impact of emissions in a localized area. A smokestack is a tall vertical tower used by heavy manufacturing industries through which combustion gasses are exhausted to the outside air. The rise of smokestack industries is closely related to industrialization and economic development. However, there are times when a smokestack is no longer needed and should be demolished.

Why are Smokestacks Removed?

Oftentimes, smokestacks are removed when they are left standing vacant. An unused smokestack doesn’t serve a purpose and the area may need to be cleared for safety reasons. Another reason for smokestacks removal is to make way for new construction. In some cases, it is removed simply for aesthetic improvements. Whatever the case, once the smokestack has been removed, we will clean the area and make it look good as new.

What Happens During the Smokestack Removal Process?

The process by which smokestacks are removed generally depends on the condition of the structure and what is located near the structure. However, remote-controlled demolition is one of the safest ways to do it. Using remote-controlled demolition allows our crew to stay out of harm’s way while getting the work done much faster than we could with handheld tools. 

The concrete will be broken in a top-down circular pattern. As the concrete is broken, the pieces will be dropped down the center of the stack. The remaining bottom portion of the smokestack will then be removed by excavator equipment. With remote-controlled robots working from the top and moving downwards, smokestacks can be safely dismantled into pieces and removed.

To learn more about Interstate’s smokestack removal process, be sure to check out this smokestack demolition project we completed in just 7 days!

Interstate Sawing & Demolition Can Help with Smokestack Removal

Looking for a dedicated team of experts for smokestack removal services? Smokestack demolition requires specialized skills and techniques. With our state-of-the-art Electric Powered Robots we can achieve fume-free, low noise demolition. Our remote-controlled robots give us the advantage of staying out of harm’s way while the robot can continue to work in a hazardous environment. Using our safe demolition process, we can have any smokestack completely removed within just a few days.   

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