Soft Demolition

Interstate Sawing is able to accomplish fume-free, low-noise soft demolition using our state-of-the-art Electric Powered Robots. Steered by remote control, we are able to maintain a safe work environment while tackling hazardous jobs and handling heavy materials. Our robots come in a wide variety of sizes allowing us to accomplish any project big or small. Combined with competitive project completion times that cut more than 80% of the usual amount it takes to come to a finish, our ability to say yes to any construction job makes Interstate Sawing the national go-to crew for all demolition needs

What is Soft Demolition?

Soft demolition, also referred to as deconstruction, involves the removal of pieces of a building or structure. These projects are often scheduled for refurbishment, remodeling, or simple construction endeavors. This type of demolition is an eco-friendly alternative to full-blown demolition because it does not affect the structural integrity of the building, making it more cost-effective and time efficient. Examples of structures that are removed during soft demolition include:

  • Flooring.
  • Floor coverings.
  • Block walls. 
  • Drywall. 
  • Hard ceilings.
  • Drop ceilings.
  • Ceiling tiles.
  • Fixtures.
  • Fittings.
  • Glass panels.
  • Lights.
  • Structural and non-structural walls.
  • Plumbing pipes.
  • HVAC ducts.
  • Removal of all fixed furniture.
  • Timber walls.

Our Process

Our demolition process involves a team of experts using state-of-the-art equipment to scour and remove each structure you have identified for removal. Items that do not need to be preserved will be recycled, donated, reused, or disposed of appropriately. We are careful not to damage the structural integrity of your property while also providing you with a clean slate for any new remodeling or renovation project. 

While certain components like plumbing and wiring are generally beneficial to keep in place, some additional elements may need to be removed. Examples include:

  • Nails.
  • Wiring.
  • Piping.
  • Concrete.
  • Lumber.
  • Insulation.
  • Shingles.
  • Wall studs.

Contact Us to Get Your Soft Demolition Crew

Interstate Sawing provides soft demolition services nationwide. We proudly put an emphasis on customer service, efficiency, safety, productivity, and environmental awareness. Our remote-controlled robots allow us to achieve fume-free, low-noise demolition so we can accomplish your project without disturbing any surrounding operations. Contact us today to book one of our demolition crews!