Spec Curb Cutting

Spec Curb Cutting Services

Interstate Sawing & Demolition is ready to help you transform your property to keep up with accessibility concerns and the demands of your growing business. Spec Curb cutting is a design feature in a sidewalk that creates a smooth transition from the sidewalk to the street with a slope instead of an abrupt drop. Curb cuts are often required by law for accessibility reasons to ensure that people with disabilities can safely navigate sidewalks.

What is Spec Curb Cutting?

The curb cut is made by cutting into the sidewalk and creating a sloped incline. Curb cuts allow property owners to be compliant with accessibility standards. Wheelchair and scooter users can easily move from the sidewalk to a crosswalk with a curb cut, instead of having to jump a curb and put themselves in danger.

Interstate Sawing & Demolition offers curb cuts to eliminate the degree of elevation between the street and the property. If there is a sidewalk along the roadway, the curb cut will have ramps at either side of the curb cut, to ensure that accessibility is maintained for persons with disabilities along the entire width of the curb cut as well as on both sides back onto the sidewalk. A curb cut permit is typically required by your local municipality to allow an opening to be constructed within the concrete curb itself.

Applications for this type of Cutting

With our top of the line curb cutting machine, we are able to provide a variety of services such as:

  • Curb Removal
  • Median removal
  • Sidewalk cuts for ramps and handicap access
  • Lowering driveway curbs
  • Barrier wall removal on bridge decks

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