The Interstate Sawing team consists of experts in identifying and marking underground utilities before any construction or excavation project. Our utility locating services prevent accidental damage to your essential utilities. These include water pipes, gas lines, electrical cables, and telecommunications cables. Our services enhance the safety of your workers and the integrity of these essential utilities.

Types of Utility Locating Services

Our utility locating services cover a broad spectrum of needs, so that every potential underground hazard is identified and marked before any digging begins. We offer both private and secondary utility locating to provide thorough coverage for all types of utilities that might be encountered on your project site.

Private Utility Locating

Private utilities are not maintained by public utility companies and include lines for private water, sewer, gas, or electrical systems. We use specialized equipment to accurately locate these utilities, helping you avoid potential hazards and costly repairs. By identifying these private lines, your excavation work is able to proceed without unexpected interruptions or damage to vital systems.

Secondary Utilities

Secondary utilities, such as irrigation systems, landscape lighting, and private communication lines, also need to be located before excavation. Our professional services identify these utilities to prevent any disruptions to your project. Even though these lines may not carry essential services, their damage can lead to project delays and additional costs.

Importance of Utility Locating Services

Utility locating services are essential for a variety of reasons, all aiming for a smooth and safe execution of your project. From protecting workers to maintaining compliance with regulations, accurate utility locating is a key step in any construction or excavation process.

Safety and Prevention

The primary purpose of utility locating services is to prevent accidental damage that could lead to gas leaks, electrical shocks, and flooding. Properly locating utilities also helps avoid costly repairs and project delays, supporting a smooth and safe operation. By proactively identifying potential hazards, we help create a safer work environment for everyone involved.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regulations require utility locating before any digging or excavation begins. Compliance with these regulations helps you avoid legal issues and potential fines, helping your project to meet all necessary standards. Adhering to these guidelines protects your project from legal repercussions and promotes industry best practices.

Cost Efficiency

Accurately locating utilities before starting a project saves significant time and money by preventing unexpected damage and the associated repair costs. This proactive approach allows your project to stay on schedule and within budget. Mitigating the risk of utility damage allows for efficient allocation of resources that foster project completion.

Steps in Utility Locating

Our process for utility locating is thorough and meticulous. From initial planning to final documentation, we cover all aspects to provide you with a complete understanding of the underground environment.

Initial Consultation and Planning

We start by understanding the scope of your project and identifying the types of utilities that may be present. This planning phase is crucial for accurate and efficient utility locating. During this consultation, we assess potential challenges and develop a strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Site Survey and Marking

Using GPR (ground penetrating radar) equipment, we survey the site and mark the locations of identified utilities with paint or flags that are clearly visible to your team. This step is critical for providing a visual guide that informs the next stages of your project, minimizing the risk of accidental utility strikes.


To confirm the accuracy of the marked utilities, we often use vacuum excavation or other methods to safely expose and verify their exact locations. Verification provides an extra layer of confidence and safety as it indicates that all marked utilities are precisely located.

Partner with Us for Safe and Efficient Projects

Utility locating services are a critical component of any construction or excavation project in order to ensure safety, regulatory compliance, and cost efficiency. By employing advanced techniques and technology, professional utility locators provide accurate and comprehensive utility mapping that safeguards your project from unforeseen issues.

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