Wall Sawing

Concrete walls are one of the most critical parts of a structure. But if it becomes damaged or an opening needs to be created, then you may be in need of wall sawing services. The professionals at Interstate Sawing & Demolition have the experience and expertise for all of your wall sawing service needs. Whether the job is big or small, we have what it takes to tackle any concrete sawing job and ensure your satisfaction.

What is Wall Sawing?

Wall saws, also known as track saws, are a great choice for creating precise openings in any concrete structure. They’re well-known for their precision cuts and speed. Smaller blades are typically used first for a guaranteed straight cut. However, larger blades are capable of cutting through walls up to 24” thick.

Applications & Advantages

This type of concrete sawing has numerous advantages and can be used in various applications. It’s primarily used for cutting windows, doors, and crawl spaces into masonry and concrete materials. However, this type of sawing is also beneficial for cutting into retaining walls and for demolition jobs.

Other applications include:

  • Elevator shaft openings
  • Walls, ceilings, and floors
  • Loading docks
  • Various HVAC applications
  • Creating openings through reinforced concrete walls and slabs

Generally speaking, a concrete wall saw is more versatile than a slab saw. Wall sawing is the most effective cutting solution for vertical or sloped surfaces. These types of saws consist of a circular diamond blade on a track-mounted machine. They demonstrate incredibly precise cuts in nearly all areas of a structure. Wall saws typically run on-air, hydraulic, or electric power, making it one of the cornerstone concrete cutting solutions offered by Interstate Sawing & Demolition.

Here are a few additional advantages of these sawing services:

  • Produces minimal debris, noise, and dust
  • Preserves the structural integrity
  • Wall saws can be used indoors or outdoors

Have a Project That Requires Wall Sawing Services?

We can help! Interstate Sawing has been providing the greater Milwaukee area with concrete sawing services and other superior concrete services since 1996. Let us help make your company’s dreams and goals a reality on your next project. ​​Contact Interstate Sawing for all of your concrete sawing & demolition needs!