At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we offer a variety of concrete cutting methods to suit a wide array of job site specifications. Often these concrete cutting methods are employed for demolition purposes. As you can see, the line between concrete cutting and demolition can be a thin one as many techniques are employed across both ventures and for similar and overlapping purposes. 

Concrete cutting professionals generally seek to create openings in concrete structures to allow for things like new wiring and piping and for repairs to roofs and roads. However, concrete cutting can also be used for cutting into reinforced concrete floors as a first step in the demolition process. In such situations, concrete cutting professionals will turn to proper demolition techniques to complete the job. These demolition techniques include robotic demolition, slab & road sawing, concrete stair removal, and wall sawing. 

Robotic Demolition

Robotic demolition is the most common demolition technique that is currently used by concrete cutting companies. And it is not hard to see why! This approach offers many advantages in terms of safety, portability, productivity, and cost. Because robotic demolition utilizes robots that are remote-controlled, crew members are able to stay at a safe distance from any dangers, such as fall hazards or tight spaces that would not otherwise be accessible. This approach to operation also allows for the use of fewer crew members and less time to completion, both of which result in cost savings. 

Slab & Road Sawing

One other type of demolition technique commonly used by concrete cutting professionals is slab and road sawing. Slab saws are most frequently used for a variety of purposes, including road repair, cutting into reinforced concrete flooring, and creating trenches for electrical wires and plumbing pipe installations. They are a very efficient concrete cutting tool that can generally bypass the need for more extensive excavation, particularly when it comes to repairing sections of roads and streets. With the increasing need for road repair and replacement in America, this is a popular demolition technique and service. 

Concrete Stairs Removal

Another type of concrete cutting that calls on demolition processes is the removal of concrete stairs. In fact, as a removal process, concrete stairs removal is a type of concrete cutting service that is considered demolition. For this process, Interstate Sawing & Demolition employs our specialized demolition robots. These robots are remote-controlled and able to get into tight areas that would be hazardous for humans to enter during demolition activities. With these abilities, demolition robots have greatly improved safety and efficiency for workers in these environments. 

Wall Sawing 

In addition to robotic demolition, slab sawing, and concrete stairs removal, wall sawing is yet another form of concrete cutting that uses demolition techniques. A wall saw is a piece of equipment that is commonly used for both precise concrete cutting purposes and demolition endeavors. While these saws are primarily used for creating openings like crawl spaces, doors, and windows, they are also a great choice for cutting into structural retaining walls to assist with demolition projects. They feature several advantages over other comparable concrete cutting methods, including producing minimal noise and debris and their ability to be used in both interior and exterior work. 

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Concrete cutting and demolition are closely related projects that often utilize the same techniques and equipment. While demolition techniques are used in concrete cutting, proper concrete cutting services are also needed for a successful demolition. So, whichever of these services you’re looking for, whether for a commercial or residential project, a large or small undertaking, Interstate Sawing & Demolition’s catalog of concrete cutting services surely has a solution that will be perfectly tailored to your needs.