Top-of-the-line Equipment

No matter the setting, cutting through concrete takes hard work, attention to detail, and of course, the right equipment. This is why we use the best in the business. Different jobs require different gear, and we’re constantly innovating to provide the best tools for the task. To cut concrete, we use all electric equipment to ensure a cleaner, quieter work environment, demolition robots that are safe and can fit into any space, and a variety of top-of-the-line saws including core drills, wall saws, wire saws, slab saws, and hydraulic chain saws. With this equipment in hand, we can approach any job with ease.

Indoor/Outdoor Flexibility

As pioneers in our industry, we use specialized equipment that allows us to cut concrete in both indoor and outdoor spaces so that we can tackle any job. Older machinery used in the demolition business has long relied on diesel. While we recognize the power behind these tools, we have forged a greener way forward, relying exclusively on electric and battery-powered equipment. Because they are quieter and do not release fumes, our equipment is ideal for indoor use and is less disruptive in outdoor settings as well. Not only is our equipment cleaner to run, but it is also just as powerful!

Industrial, Commercial, and Interior Settings

Interstate Sawing and Demolition has the right equipment for any work site. We understand the importance of safety and have experience working in industrial, commercial, and interior settings. Industrial sites require tools that can be operated with the utmost care, and at times, may even need a remote operation. Our demolition robots are outfitted to be used remotely thanks to built-in cameras. This way, a crew can be off-site without sacrificing timely job completion. With the use of our equipment, commercial sites can stay up and running during demolition, repair, or construction, and interior settings need less clean-up. We even have equipment that can fit into the narrowest of indoor spaces. Decades of experience have given us insight into the best equipment for the job, no matter the setting.

Meet the Fleet: Equipment Used for Cutting Through Concrete

Core Drill

A core drill is used to create a round hole in an otherwise solid concrete surface. These holes are necessary for a variety of reasons, from HVAC to plumbing to electrical wiring; in other words, most construction projects will require core drilling at some stage of the process. We use diamond core drill bits to make sure the holes we drill are smooth and precise. Whether we’re using the smallest, ¼-inch core drill or drilling a core over 80 inches, we guarantee a job well done.

Wall Saw

Wall saws are track-mounted saws equipped with a circular blade that can be used indoors or outdoors to cut through vertical surfaces. This is necessary for the installation of doors, windows, and other interior or exterior openings in a building. Wall saws make precise, linear cuts. Because wall saws are used by positioning them flush with the surface being cut, they are highly accurate.

Wire Saw

Wire saws can cut through virtually any material at any angle, including concrete. These saws use a loop of highly durable wire moving at high speed to make cuts, and for this reason, they are adaptable and effective for cutting during any concrete project from difficult-to-reach or access areas to large-scale sites.

Slab Saw

Also known as a road saw or flat saw, slab saws are used on horizontal surfaces. These saws have been around a long time, and for good reason–they are a mainstay in road and street maintenance and offer a fast way to excavate with little damage to the surrounding area. Slab saws can also be used for a variety of applications indoors.

Hydraulic Chain Saw

Hydraulic chain saws and ring saws are both smaller, hand-held saws used to access tight or hard-to-reach areas like ceilings, make precise cuts, and smooth out bigger cuts. A familiar tool to many, some cuts simply require a human touch!

Constantly Creating

While these are some of the main examples of the equipment we use to meet the needs of clients, we are constantly creating new tools as well. When a job requires something new, we embrace the opportunity to adapt our approach and match equipment to your exact scenario. Cutting through concrete requires both manpower and machine power, and we specialize in both. In fact, as leaders in the industry, many of our machines were designed in-house for specific jobs and have since become mainstays in our fleet. So whether you’re building, demolishing, excavating, remodeling—you name it, we have the right equipment for the job.