Silos are generally tall, relatively narrow structures with insulation used for storing bulk materials and keeping them cool. They have historically been used by farmers for storing feed and other necessary materials for keeping livestock. The various types of silos were once the most common approach to farm storage. 

These once-common structures have fallen out of favor for some farmers as other, more practical, and ecologically-friendly options have been introduced to the market. In fact, silos are not commonly constructed anymore and have largely been replaced by “bunker silos” and “flat storage” methods. As you might imagine, this move away from this historical structure means that there are a lot of silos still sitting in disuse on farmlands across America. They take up space that might be otherwise utilized and can be unsightly as they begin to decay. With those considerations in mind, silo demolition services are an option for addressing these underutilized structures. 

Our silo demolition service involves removing support components from the silo to cause the structure to collapse inward on itself. Interstate Sawing & Demolition has many demolition techniques for approaching this task in the most efficient and safe manner possible. Read on to learn about when the time may be right for our silo demolition services. 

You Have A Silo That Is No Longer In Use

The main reason to seek silo demolition services is probably a bit obvious: If you have one that you do not use. However, as obvious as this may seem, there are many silos left standing, even though they are no longer used. We recommend avoiding falling into this neglectful trap. A silo takes up valuable space and, if it is attached to another structure, may even be consuming a considerable amount of energy. The truth is, if you have a silo that is no longer in use and you have no plans to utilize it in the future, it is time to seek demolition services and have it removed. 

You Are Looking To Replace A Silo

If you are looking to replace a silo either with another, new silo or an alternative means of storage, demolition will be your answer. If you want to make room for a new silo, the best place to do so is likely where you already have a silo, but the older structure must first be removed. Alternatively, if you are moving to other storage methods, such as the flat storage mentioned above, you may still want to consider demolishing your current silo. Again, the site of the current silo may be a good option for your new storage method, but – even if that is not the case – it is worth considering having the silo removed anyway to make room for other endeavors and avoid potential problems the aging structure might cause in the future. 

You Have A Silo That Is Causing A Hazard

Speaking of potential problems caused by aging structures, a silo can present serious hazards if left unused. Because of the relative height and narrow construction of this type of building, they present several dangers. In fact, one of the reasons they have fallen out of favor as a storage method is their severe potential for trapping and suffocating people. But, in addition to those terrifying situations, there is also the possibility of a silo falling apart, or even collapsing or falling over entirely, after years of disuse, posing safety threats to workers in its vicinity. To avoid any concerns about this type of dangerous disintegration, we highly recommend having your unused silos professionally demolished.  

Interstate Sawing & Demolition Offers Efficient & Safe Silo Demolition Service

Here at Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we have the means to offer a variety of demolition services with various approaches and equipment for the requirements of different job sites. As such, we are your demolition contractors committed to meeting all OSHA requirements and practices. To learn a bit about the care we bring to all our concrete cutting and demolition projects, including silo demolition services, read about our other specialized demolition jobs.