While concrete cutting might sound straightforward, it is actually a complex process requiring special techniques and technological equipment. Concrete is a solid material that is constructed to last, so breaking that down takes the right tools. At Interstate Sawing & Demolition, we know that concrete cutting work needs special equipment for each type of job and demolition project we take on. That’s why we have a large inventory of concrete cutting tools to choose from and expertise about how to employ them. 

Concrete Cutting Work is Complicated

Cutting, breaking up, and removing concrete is no simple task. As mentioned above, concrete cutting work is more complicated than some people assume. For one thing, it is very difficult to actually cut and break up concrete, to begin with. When it comes to industrial-scale projects, like warehouse floor removal and highway bridge demolition, you will not be able to just wield a sledgehammer! 

Instead, the work of dismantling a concrete structure or a portion of concrete requires a variety of tools. Interstate Sawing & Demolition has a large inventory of equipment to choose from for each concrete cutting project we tackle. For example, we frequently use electric saws that are strong and precise and provide hydraulic support. We also have specialized tools for wall sawing, concrete stair removal, and hydraulic chain and ring sawing. With our inventory options, we are able to choose the best combination of tools to successfully complete any concrete cutting project.  

Keep Noise & Mess To A Minimum

In addition to enabling the successful completion of any concrete cutting project, the right equipment will produce only minimal noise and mess. Excessive construction noise can be a nuisance to residents in the area and can even be in violation of local ordinances. 

When you employ professional concrete services that feature the right equipment for concrete cutting work, your concerns about noise and leftover concrete debris will be greatly reduced. Some of our concrete-cutting processes were developed with minimal noise production in mind. Wire sawing is one example of a quiet concrete cutting service that produces both minimal noise and minimal mess. 

Minimal mess and debris not only mean less of a headache for you; it also means less air pollution. Demolition that produces less debris leaves fewer particles and contamination in the air, a particularly important consideration when working in or near residential areas. 

Get The Job Done Safely

Finally, concrete cutting work that is completed with special equipment will mean that the job is conducted as safely as possible. When demolishing large structures such as buildings and bridges, crew members can face real dangers when they lack updated equipment options. For example, when a demolition crew discovers they need to access a small area to cut and break up tricky concrete, it may not be safe for them to do so. After all, the risk of getting trapped may be too high. 

When a crew equipped with the right specialized equipment encounters such a situation, they can send remotely-controlled robots into the space. This approach allows crew members to work from a safe location away from many dangers present at these kinds of job sites. Additionally, these robots are incredibly powerful, enabling them to complete a tremendous amount of work in comparison to contractors that do not feature such equipment. 

Contact Interstate Sawing & Demolition For Concrete Cutting

Interstate Sawing & Demolition has all of the specialized equipment needed for your concrete cutting work. We also work throughout the country, regularly traveling to demolition sites to assess and plan before bringing the necessary equipment and crews to complete your project. We make communication and efficiency our goal from inquiry to completion, ensuring your satisfaction with our work as well as your understanding of our process. Contact us today to get started on your concrete cutting project!