If you’ve spent time in or around construction job sites recently, you’ve probably been in close contact with a demolition robot. Robotic demolition equipment comes in many shapes and sizes, and these machines are becoming increasingly popular among those of us in the industry. There are plenty of reasons for this rise in prevalence, such as their wide variety of applications, their increased safety and cost-effectiveness, their remote-controlled demolition capabilities, and their green operation. It’s easy to see why robotic demolition equipment is fast becoming the norm in construction!

Robotic Demolition Equipment is Versatile

One of the best qualities of a given tool is versatility. The more situations you can use it in, the more value it adds to your toolkit. Versatility is key when it comes to choosing equipment, and robotic demolition equipment is highly adaptable because it is designed to do the work of multiple different machines in one. There is more than one type of demolition machine, and robotic demolition equipment is no different. Demolition robots ranging from the large Brokk 500 to the easy-to-maneuver Brokk 100 make up our fleet, so we’re prepared to get the job done no matter how big or small.

Keeps Demolition Crews Safer

Our top priority is the safety of our team. Robotic demolition is safer because crew members control the robots from a distance and are therefore further away from the dangers of the demolition process. The need for a less risky work environment makes demolition robots a prevailing choice in the construction and demolition industries. Demolition robots also tend to be quiet when in operation, a subtle yet often overlooked safety concern, given the effect that noise pollution can have on both workers and residents around job sites.

Clean Green Demolition Machines

Our demolition robots are a greener option than traditional construction machinery, which not only adds to a cleaner job site for our crew but decreases the overall environmental impact of construction and demolition processes. This is because the robotic demolition equipment we use is all-electric. By eliminating the fumes created by traditional demolition equipment in favor of green machines, we increase the well-being of our team and the communities we work in.

Cost-Effective From All Angles

Another advantage of having a robotic demolition crew is that it is a cost-effective business decision. With the use of demolition robots, we are capable of executing a job with the same level of precision and efficiency but with fewer crew members on the site and in less time. This is an advantage for us because we can take on more jobs in more locations at once, and it’s an advantage for you because it’s saving you time and money. An overall win-win!

Added Perks of Remote-Controlled Demolition

Demolition robots are operated by demolition engineers using remote control devices. While operators are close by, the ability to control the machine from a distance makes it easy to get these powerful robots into small or otherwise unsafe spaces for a crew member. It makes sense that remote-controlled demolition is quickly becoming more common. Robotic demolition crews possess the perfect balance of the human insight and expertise required in the highly technical construction and demolition industries and machine power to get the job done safely and effectively every time.

Robotic Demolition–Leading Us Forward

We believe that robotic demolition is the way forward in our industry because it takes traditional techniques and makes them even more effective in both process and outcome. Take advantage of cutting-edge robotic demolition equipment when you choose Interstate Sawing & Demolition for your next project. Contact Interstate Sawing for robotic demolition services. We’re here to create a plan that utilizes the safest and highest quality demolition machines for your needs, and for the future.