Construction is one of the most labor-intensive industries. It involves repetitive and time-consuming procedures that can be completed more quickly and efficiently with the use of robotic demolition equipment. When it comes to demolition, remote-controlled robotic demolition crews pave the way for improved practices in industries such as concrete cutting, mining, tunneling, and more. Robotics has been changing the workplace for decades now, and it will continue to replace the back-breaking work of operating demolition by hand.

Remote-controlled demolition crews are an increasingly common sight at demolition projects nationwide. Read on to learn how these remote-controlled machines can offer a range of benefits for demolition contractors.

Robotic Equipment Enhances Safety

Demolition work is difficult and dangerous. But it is also necessary. Therefore, the best way to keep workers safe in a demolition environment is to remove them from that environment. Robotic equipment excels in working in dangerous situations and has changed what is possible in demolition.

Electric demolition robots have also made job sites safer. These lightweight, compact machines are designed for use in confined spaces. With our state-of-the-art electric-powered robots, we can quickly and safely remove dirt and concrete with minimal noise and without releasing any hazardous fumes.

Robotic Demolition Equipment Increases Productivity

Handheld tools and highly physical demolition methods are a thing of the past. Taking a more mechanical approach and adding a remote-controlled demolition machine has allowed contractors to revolutionize productivity. Remote-controlled robots give our crews the advantage of staying out of harm’s way while the robot can continue to work in a hazardous environment.

With the right attachments, remote-controlled demolition machines can also do the job of several common compact machines. Though small, they’re just as powerful as excavators three times their size. This helps contractors streamline job site logistics and increase efficiency across the board.

Robotic Demolition Equipment is More Cost-Effective

Today, demolition robots make up the majority of construction robots sold. Modern demolition robots feature breakers, crushers, drills, or buckets to break through building materials in the demolition of old structures. Remote operation can be cost-effective by limiting personnel for hazardous operations, while simultaneously increasing productivity. The assistance of robotic equipment also helps workers complete projects twice as fast, minimizing construction costs across the board. Since robots can operate with high levels of precision, this helps to reduce operating costs and reduce the amount of waste being produced at job sites.

Working With Interstate Sawing & Demolition

As the nation’s leading provider of robotic demolition equipment, we can say with utmost certainty that it is the most dependable form of demolition service offered on the market today. Our robots can be used for both indoor and outdoor projects and be altered to tackle unusual projects in tight spaces. When you hire Interstate Sawing & Demolition, work will be executed with custom remote-controlled, emission-free robotic demolition equipment. We pride ourselves on having safe and reliable service for all of our customers at their job sites.

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