Commercial demolition refers to business-specific buildings, such as office buildings and retail stores. Building demolition can become a necessity when a fire, flood, or severe deterioration is involved. In any of these cases, we’ll help you remove the old and begin again with something new. At Interstate Sawing, we have the experience to take on the most difficult jobs with demolition strategies that work. Depending on the area and the building that needs to be torn down, our demolition experts will use different techniques to safely get rid of the existing structure.

Here are 3 common commercial building concrete demolition techniques and when they’re used.

Robotic Demolition

This is the most common option when demolishing a commercial building. Through the use of heavy machines and the latest technology, commercial demolition projects can be handled quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Most small to medium-sized buildings can be torn down with an excavator. 

A demolition tool, such as a crusher, shears, or hammer, is attached to the end of the arm and is used to break up the building from the top down. Mini excavators gradually demolish the interiors of the building, working down floor by floor from the top. This is often the preferred method because this approach offers many advantages in terms of safety, portability, productivity, and cost.

Demolition By Wrecking Ball

​​Wrecking ball, also called crane demolition, is among the oldest demolition methods that are not utilized nearly as often as they used to be. However, it is still used sometimes to demolish commercial structures that are too tall for high-reach machines.

A 13,500-pound wrecking ball is suspended on a cable from a crane or other heavy equipment. The ball is either dropped onto or swung into the structure, simply crushing the building with repeated blows by highly skilled crane operators. Although concrete can easily be broken down, this method produces dust, noise, and vibration. So it may not be the best option on a variety of job sites.

Commercial Building Demolition By Explosion Or Implosion

This method of commercial demolition is well known for saving both time and money. Explosives have the ability to quickly and effectively bring down multi-story structures. They are inserted and detonated in a series of predefined boreholes, causing the structure to break into smaller pieces. However, if you need to salvage any of the materials or only want to demolish certain parts of a structure, then this may not be the best option.

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