For over 25 years, Interstate Sawing has provided Southeastern Wisconsin with innovative concrete cutting services. We’ve also had the privilege to travel across the United States and around the world performing high-end jobs for five-star hotels and even the Prime Minister of Barbados! Our unique approach to concrete sawing and demolition has put us in a position to provide services to every kind of client. Over the years, we’ve experienced jobs that have equipped us with the knowledge and capabilities to handle anything a client throws our way. Due to our recent success, we have decided to make a big change and expand our business. It is with great pride that we announce that Interstate Sawing & Demolition has opened a new location in Madison, Wisconsin!  

Interstate Sawing’s New Madison Location

Our new brick-and-mortar location is now open and we are providing full services to residential and commercial property owners in Madison, Wisconsin. Our new engineer and demolition crew are ready to hit the road and provide Madison with the top-notch service we’ve come to be known for. While we get our location up and running, you can always contact our home office for concrete cutting jobs in Madison

Interstate Sawing Hired a New On-Site Engineer 

Interstate Sawing CEO Duke Long standing outside of Interstate Sawing's Madison LocationInterstate Sawing is a cutting-edge demolition company that relies on Brokk demolition robots to complete tough jobs. We also use innovative approaches in order to cut down on costs and speed up demolition times. To make this process easier, we’ve hired a new on-site engineer. Our engineer, Mike Burns, will oversee projects and lead kickoff consultations for jobs all over the state. Our on-site engineer will survey the demolition site and look for opportunities to make the demolition process more streamlined.

In addition to ensuring that our approach is optimized, our engineer will oversee the project to ensure that all tasks are completed properly. No matter what kind of approach a demolition team adopts, there will always be room for error. However, our engineer will make sure our crew is adhering to safety standards and that all operations are running smoothly. We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards—our engineer will do everything to meet and exceed expectations every time. Whether your job is in Milwaukee or Madison, you’ll know that you’re in good hands.   

Interstate Sawing Is Now Offering New Concrete Grinding Services

Over the years, we’ve provided several forms of concrete cutting services. Among these serves are the following: 

  • Concrete Core Drilling
  • Concrete Slab and Road Sawing
  • Hydraulic Chain & Ring Cutting
  • Spec Curb Cutting
  • Wall Sawing

We’ve also provided commercial and residential property with concrete grinding services. In our new Madison location, we will be expanding our concrete grinding and scarification services. Trip hazards can cost individuals and businesses money in the long term. If you’re a business owner, and a customer falls on your property because of your uneven concrete, you stand the chance of being sued at worst and paying for medical bills at best. In fact, the average slip and fall settlement costs between $15,000 and $45,000. If you spot unseemly lips in your concrete, or if there are uneven seams on your pavement, you should consider hiring a contractor to smooth out your concrete. And who better to turn to than the best in the industry: Interstate Sawing & Demolition.

Our Workers Use State of the Art Brokk Demolition Robots

One of the things that make our crew so versatile is the fact that we use Brokk demolition robots. These robots allow our workers to get in and complete any kind of job. Additionally, these robots enable workers to safely work within potentially hazardous workplaces. Each of our Brokk robots is equipped with multiple attachments that enable us to crush, grind, and saw concrete with high precision and velocity. Over the years, we have had to complete many odd jobs that other crews simply couldn’t handle. Our demolition robots allow us to work in active food processing facilities and in environments where we couldn’t make a sound! Our Brokk robots set us apart from our competition—no matter how demanding the restrictions, Interstate Sawing can deliver. Much of this is due to our robotic arsenal.  

Who Should I Contact If I Need to Hire a Concrete Demolition Company in Madison, Wisconsin?

If you’re looking for the best team out there to handle your concrete demolition needs, contact our friendly staff today. Our team of experts and our new engineer can assess the scale and scope of your project. And, we are sure that our team will be able to deliver results faster than any crew out there. We’ve demolished 100,000+ square feet of concrete in three weeks, and we’ve worked in just about any environment you can imagine. If you want your Madison concrete cutting job completed the right way, all you have to do is call us today.